Friday, May 29, 2009

So--I'm thinking 65 quarts is enough--I am NOT going back--the season is about done--harder to pick--my knees and back hurt more now--more rotten ones--eeewww--
Then it hits me--
ALL THOSE STRAWBERRIES that my DH paid for(to support my picking obsession) and all in freezer or given away--and NO strawberry pie for DH! NOT ONE! How could I?!! For the 30 years we've been married--
when I say--
"I made a treat..."
he responds by saying..(EVERY TIME, MIND YOU--even in December)
"Shoney's Strawberry Pie?"
shoney's! whatever! (I have no idea how shoney's made their pie!)
So I went back this morning before the rains were coming. just to pick enough for a pie for dh. Picked 14 more quarts (that would be some pie) Finally pulled myself away cause I was dehydrated, wobbling around, and had to use the ladies' room)

Made 2 pies. Look at that RED!!! not a drop of food coloring--No strawberry jello--just berries, water, cornstarch and sugar.Those berries are something else. WOW. Get the whipped cream and let's have PIE!


  1. mmm that pie looks sooo good. I've never heard of just a strawberry pie that sounds yummy I'm gonna have to make one now :)

  2. oops forgot to ask, care to share your recipe??