Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hello, Wonderful people!!
Midnight tonight the comments will close on this giveaway. Tomorrow I will text or call my sweet youngest who lives 1000 miles away in North Dakota and ask her to pick a number between 1 and--how many comments. I'll count down the list and there will be the winner! and I will post and contact. Keep checking--Be Patient--Dear Daughter is a TSA Officer at airport and can't answer phone while working.
NOW--I am overwhelmed at the kind and encouraging comments. Until this give-away this was a private blog for my sister in Mexico to see what I've been up to--creative wise.
Thank you all so very much. I am trying to visit the other give-aways and those who commented--
I am so inspired at so many of your clever posts and design of your blogs.
BUT I am working with a handicap with a SLOW internet--Too little RAM? A virus? internet gremlins? Cable overload?
who knows!?
For months this has been slower than molasses in January!

PS If you click on it it WILL show you a larger image this time.

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