Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SIXTY-FIVE Quarts--(or why I haven't gotten an etsy shop up and running this week!)

4 trips in one week--65 quarts of these beauties!! Yes. tis the season--

SEW MAMA SEW announced a May Giveaway about the time That the strawberries are out--
I thought that If I pushed, Maybe this was a good time to start an etsy shop --and give something away--
No--The berries won--I get obsessed! And the place I picked had a gigantic NEW field--Berries were everywhere--I could get a quart in 5 to 7 minutes!!! But it takes longer than you think to get them in the freezer!
I still hope to go ETSY in the future, but for now I will still give something away--next post--I've tried to get this site up to date this week with a few projects from the past year I never posted.

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