Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Apron for Liz

Liz is getting married in May--This apron was part of her shower gift.

Little bug quilt

A quilt for Bright--March 2008
I am not sure it turned out what I hoped for--the colors maybe are drab? but I prefer to think they are kind of "old" looking to go with the the retro print. ( I loved this print!) Generally I am pleased and I had a good time quilting freemotion "flowers" on it.
size about 48 by 58.

p.s. A pillowcase and doll quilt to match:-)

oops--I should have rotated pictures before posting--I'll be more particular next time!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

picnic/lunch set

This all started with a wonderful tutorial for Criss Cross Coasters (Can you see it wrapped around the base of the glass?)

Then I thought--Ooooh--I can do a matching placemat--like a Giant 4-patch. That was fun--and easy--just quilted around outside and in the ditches.
Well--I might as well make napkins! Let me say--I have often whipped out cloth napkins just rolling hem as I go--but it does indeed pay to press under first and trim inside corners. I just found a pretty good tutorial for napkins here, but I don't thin it is exactly how I did mine.

Every placemat is a little different and the 4 backs are all different--just like I did the coasters.

I don't know how to link with just a word yet--but here is the
And the
link for the napkin tutorial I just found:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shortbread! Shortbread!

PECAN SHORTBREAD-This was so much fun to make.

Marybeth gave me dozens of 2" half square flannel triangles--I spotted the cabin fabric (used to back the quilt and on pillow case.) So then collected some blenders that would match--and VOILA! I put together a quilt for Ben. Ben lives in North Dakota for now--so it seemed like the thing to do.

The planning was the hardest part--No Pattern--just did some small blocks --put them together in different patterns (that was the fun part)--framed them--laid them out and had to figure how to get the green between them--
Mmmmm--That Cardboard Sewing grid thing I bought at Hancocks finally had a purpose!

This was a little bigger (58x74) and heavy--so I paid my boss to quilt it for me.(Mr. Scarborough at The Dusty Attic--He is really good at that meandering!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cowboy Quilt for Krue

Here is a quilt I made for my sweet little grandson's 1st birthday a few months ago. His mama gave me the cowboy fabric and I did the rest!! (I sort of made it up as I went along. I fussy cut the blue and white squares and added the black star fabric.)What was kind of unplanned--but I was really happy with the result--the striped fabric on the border and the backing and the red narrow border and binding are FLANNEL--but the rest is cotton. I just really liked the flannel stripes--and when it was all finished--I liked having flannel around the outside--soft to hold onto.

The little horse was a vintage pattern I bought on e-bay from Australia. Took TOO much time to make---but I think he is cute!

OH! This was my first machine quilting--I made a PRACTICE STRIP first to quilt and cut it into 3 bibs when I was done. Not Perfect--But I am content.