Saturday, April 5, 2008

picnic/lunch set

This all started with a wonderful tutorial for Criss Cross Coasters (Can you see it wrapped around the base of the glass?)

Then I thought--Ooooh--I can do a matching placemat--like a Giant 4-patch. That was fun--and easy--just quilted around outside and in the ditches.
Well--I might as well make napkins! Let me say--I have often whipped out cloth napkins just rolling hem as I go--but it does indeed pay to press under first and trim inside corners. I just found a pretty good tutorial for napkins here, but I don't thin it is exactly how I did mine.

Every placemat is a little different and the 4 backs are all different--just like I did the coasters.

I don't know how to link with just a word yet--but here is the
And the
link for the napkin tutorial I just found:

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