Sunday, June 7, 2009

The "Oldmops" apron

This looks a little contrived--doesn't it?? Since I don't like to take pictures of myself and nobody lives here to model it for me --except my husband:) I try to find interesting ways to photograph what I have made, but I realize photography is not my "gift".
--This is an apron I sort of "made up" using an old vintage apron I had as a pattern--I have made maybe a dozen or more over the past few years--just laying the apron on fabric and cutting around the parts. But I finally made a pattern and wrote directions for some apron kits we are selling at the quilt shop where I work part-time--The Dusty Attic in Fruitland, MD.
Boy--writing directions is HARD and a well-written pattern is worth the money it costs! Those people who write them deserve every penny!

Life is very busy this month so there won't be too many posts, but check back now and again--I may do a give-away of some "stuff" as soon as I decide what would be good to give.


  1. Oh I just LOVE that apron, it is one of my favorite styles. You did such a great job!! And yes well written directions for a pattern are worth a million bucks I just bought a pattern and I can't make heads nore tails of the darn thing ugh!

  2. I like it alot too--and I hope I made sense when I wrote it--I haven't heard any complaints yet...time will tell!

  3. i love it! you are so creative! the colors and patterns look greatttt together!

    - Krissy

  4. I think it's a lovely picture :) makes me want one -- makes me want to be all domestic, too!

  5. please post some new projects! i love your stuff! xo

  6. I either have that apron or one just like it. I LOVE it!!! I got it at one of the WIC retreat silent auctions. Then I purchased one of your patterns and made an apron for Lauren and embroidered her initial on the front. It's so cute!