Wednesday, July 16, 2008

North Dakota pt 3

I soon realized as I began working here in this little apt on my little table that I needed to get organized. I was nuts misplacing things all the time--Also--I thought it would be good to have something I could use at home too--and to quickly pack up for classes. I have seen several projects--but I sort of made these 2 up in my brain borrowing from what I remembered seeing.

The little zipper bag has a loop of sorts I can carry it on my wrist or hang it on a hook--some pockets inside-some shallow for needles, etc, and some deep.

The roll I am very happy with--as an afterthought I attached 2 little rings on inside so it can double as an organizer in my sewing room hung on hooks but be rolled up to go with me, too . You can't see it but there is a flap that flips to inside about 1/3 way down before you roll it up so stuff can't fall out.

I like the fabric but it isn't my favorite-it was a bargain, but good quality- that is why I used it!! I couldn't bear to use something I might want for something else--and I only brought a few of my fabrics with me to North Dakota.

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